Finding inspiration! Real Housewives of Orange County alum Tamra Judge and her husband, Eddie, are “working on a new business” while in quarantine amid the coronavirus pandemic, she exclusively tells In Touch.

“It’s pretty, pretty exciting,” the 52-year-old teases, keeping the details of the pair’s new endeavor under wraps. “We’re looking at probably a couple of months before we launch, but it’s a great business.”

The owners of Cut Fitness are trying to keep busy while at home, the businesswoman admits it hasn’t been easy. “It’s bonding and fighting,” she says with a laugh about how their family spends their time in quarantine. “It’s a lot of time to spend together. Like we’re together pretty much all the time and Eddie does go into Cut Fitness [to do] paperwork and marketing stuff.”

While their gym “hasn’t been open” after they “closed down” for about two months due to the pandemic, Tamra says she hopes to reopen sooner than later. “We are hearing that we can slowly start opening with just a few people,” although they must follow strict safety protocols like wearing masks and checking the temperature of their employees. The blonde beauty reveals her customers are anxious to get back into the gym, “They just want it to open again.”

Real Housewives of Orange Country Tamra Eddie Are Starting A New Business In Quarantine

Luckily for the Bravo star, she can still utilize her facility, although she is the only patron in the space. “I get up, I go to the gym, it’s empty, but I go to the gym and work out and then come home and just do my day,” she says, explaining her routine during the mandatory lockdown. “I feel like there’s a lot of like cleaning and online shopping [to do] and you know, laundry and gardening. I just, I tend to keep busy.”

Acknowledging some days in quarantine are easier than others, she does her best to stay positive during this tough time. “I’m OK. [If] we have to stay in [quarantine] for three, four, five months, whatever to make sure everybody’s safe, then we have to do what we have to do.”

Tamra and Eddie, 47, are also the owners of CBD collection Vena CBD, which they started two years prior. The company recently launched Wing Woman, a menstrual support supplement. “It helps with women’s monthly cycles,” the proud mother shared. “We’re always expanding our line. We just feel so thankful that it’s just an amazing product and just been so successful.”

Tamra suggests fans sign up for their newsletter in which they can receive 15 percent off their first order.

Reporting by Diana Cooper

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