Is Jorge Nava from 90 Day Fiancé's friend Ramone a snake? Because it seems like Jorge's wife Anfisa Arkhipchenko is trying to make it seem like he's not so trustworthy. On this week's episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After, fans learned that for some odd reason, Jorge has never introduced his wife to his friends. While that seems shady enough, Ramone might also be hiding something himself.

During this week's episode, TLC live-tweeted the usual behind-the-scenes details that didn't make it into the episode. After the scene where Anfisa met Ramone for the first time, the network wrote, "After meeting Ramone and learning that he is married with a family, Anfisa doesn’t think that she will have to worry about Jorge hanging out with him as much as she thought." But Anfisa responded, "…but after watching this episode, Anfisa changed her mind." Ouch!

It's unclear why Anfisa would have changed her mind about Ramone, and it's hard to tell whether fans will get to watch this play out later in the season, but one thing is for sure — Anfisa thinks that the type of company Jorge keeps is very important. Anfisa believes in a Russian saying that goes, "Tell me who your friend is and I’ll tell you who you are," and she said that she thinks you can judge a person by who their friends are.

But it was hard for Anfisa to get to know Jorge's friends because he still hadn't introduced her to them in the year and a half since they got married. Finally, Jorge agreed to introduce her to Ramone, but it was only because Anfisa had been snooping through Jorge's phone and saw that they had plans.

Jorge said everything happened so fast, that he didn't have a chance to text Ramone and tell him that Anfisa was tagging along to their guys' night out. So when they arrived at a burger spot to meet up with Ramone, he was understandably surprised. "It was like Cruella de Vil was walking in and I was like, 'Oh man, what’s about to happen?'" Ramone told the cameras in his confessional.

Despite Ramone comparing Anfisa to a Disney villain, it seemed like they got along well. Ramone tried to assure Anfisa that he was a good guy and a good friend to Jorge, but Anfisa had her reservations.

"I can’t really tell what kind of guy Ramone is because I feel like he’s not being his real self because I’m around," Anfisa said in her confessional. "I saw texts when we were broken up, I saw that Ramone was telling Jorge, 'Yeah you need to get out of this.' He just supports jorge in whatever Jorge decides to do."

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