While happy endings might be the norm on the hit-show Property Brothers, that hasn’t always been the case when it comes to the personal lives of the HGTV stars. Most fans don’t even know that Jonathan Scott (one-half of the brother duo) used to be married. The 39-year-old split from his wife Kelsy Ully after only two years of marriage — the exes then spent another four years battling in court.

And if you think that sounds bad, that’s not even the worst part. Jonathan found out his marriage was ending from scrolling on Facebook. That’s right — he saw that his then wife’s profile had been wiped clean of any trace of him. He knew that wasn’t a good sign. “[She changed] her relationship status from married to blank,” he wrote in the memoir he’s sharing with his twin brother, It Takes Two: Our Story. “The pain ended up outlasting the marriage.”

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Even though Jonathan admits that it was a brutal ending to a short-lived marriage, he no longer holds resentment towards his ex-wife. “The split isn’t something I dwell on anymore, but for one too-long, too-dark period of my life, that’s practically all I did,” he continued. “It shook me right to my core.”

We bet it did. In Touch exclusively obtained court documents outlining the details of the split (and it’s not pretty). Apparently, the center of their four-year battle was a legal document drawn up by Jonathan’s mother that Kelsy claimed she signed under “duress and harassment.”

The crucial document covered the sale of the couple’s home in Canada. She claimed Jonathan demanded that she sign the agreement and even threatened her. While she fought to have it tossed out of court, Jonathan, insisted the document was fair and legal. In the end, the court ruled that the document would be upheld, but also enforced an “amending agreement,” which supplemented what Kelsy received.

Eventually, Jonathan was able to move past the split. He’s now happily dating his girlfriend, Jacinta Kuznetsov. He admits he should have known his marriage was doomed from the start, but hey, you live and you learn!

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