Rachel Dolezal — the president of the Spokane, Wash., chapter of the NAACP and an adjunct professor of Africana studies at Eastern Washington University — has been lying about her race, her parents claim.

Even though she’s been identifying as African-American, her parents, Ruthanne and Larry Dolezal tell _ The Spokesman Review_ she’s actually Caucasian.

“It’s very sad that Rachel has not just been herself,” her mother told the Spokesman-Review.

“Her effectiveness in the causes of the African-American community would have been so much more viable, and she would have been more effective if she had just been honest.”

rachel dolezal family

Rachel’s family — including her mother, in the far left, and father, in the vest, and her adopted siblings. (Photo Credit: Dolezal Family/ The Spokesman-Review)

Her estranged mother also alleges Rachel’s African-American “sons” are actually her adopted younger brothers.

The 37-year-old activist says she doesn’t consider her biological parents to be her real parents.

When asked to clarify questions regarding her race, she told local news station KREM, “It’s more important to me to clarify that to the black community, and with my executive board, than it really is for me to explain it to a community that I frankly don’t think understands the definitions of race and ethnicity.”

She went on to say, “I actually don’t like the term African-American, I prefer black. And I would say that if I was asked, I would definitely say yes, I do consider myself to be black.”

Rachel — who has allegedly reported nine hate crimes in less than 10 years — is now under investigation by the city of Spokane.


She currently serves as chairwoman of the city’s Office of Police Ombudsman Commission, and when applying, she identified herself as white, black and American Indian — though her parents claim her ancestry to be Czech, Swedish and German with “faint traces” of Native American heritage.

City officials are trying to determine if she made any violations in being appointed with potentially false information.

This story is still developing.

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