90 Day Fiance Paola Mayfield Claps Back Shade
Courtesy Paola Mayfield/Instagram

Minding her own business! Paola Mayfield from 90 Day Fiancé slammed claims her husband, Russ Mayfield, hates the “half-naked” content she posts on Instagram after sharing a new video of herself posing in the mirror.

The reality star showed off the results of her hard work in the clip on Monday, July 27, in which she wears a white crop top and thong bottoms. After one naysayer came out of the woodwork and dragged Russ, 33, into the conversation, Paola reminded them of how supportive her hubby is. 

“Did you talk to him? [Because] he is next to me and he [is] doing WONDERFUL,” the pink-haired stunner fired back in the comments on July 28.  

90 Day Fiance Paola Mayfield Claps Back Shade
Courtesy Paola Mayfield/Instagram

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first she was forced to deal with the scrutiny of critics. Back in February, the mom of one was grilled for her revealing pics. 

“I get that you are proud of your bod, and you should be. But posting pictures of yourself every day is making you look starved for attention!” one person replied to her photo at the time. “[You’re] so beautiful, but [you’re] making yourself look trashy by constantly showing half-naked selfies EVERY DAY! [You’re] beautiful, a mom and a wife … there is no reason for you to expose yourself on the internet to prove to us, you work out. Have [more] self-respect!”

Of course, Paola, 33, was not having it. “Do you [see] those muscles?” she wrote back. “Do you know I am a personal trainer? What you see is what I sell, a body who lives a healthy lifestyle, who loves working out, who love motivating people to make healthy choices. You can’t sell if the store isn’t open.”

Paola Mayfield and Family
Courtesy of Paola Mayfield/Instagram

The TV personality was flooded with supportive comments after her classy clapback, and one pointed out haters aren’t paying her bills. “This isn’t your account. She’s adult so she can post anything she wants,” a second social media user chimed in. “Just unfollow her if that’s your opinion,” another added. “Damn, keep your negativity to yourself and keep scrolling. Not hard.”

The reality star previously shut down another troll in December when she shared a sexy bikini pic, so clearly, she’s getting used to the sassy remarks. “She has no f–king respect for her husband,” one Instagram user wrote on the photo, to which Paola replied, “Who [do] you think took the picture?”

That was especially notable because fans watched the couple deal with how the model’s job affected their relationship on the TLC series. Pao’s spouse worried about his wife getting too sexy for photoshoots, but he has since come around.

In the end, it’s really no one else’s business what Paola chooses to share on Instagram, now is it?

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