Is Russ Mayfield really okay with his wife Paola‘s sexy photoshoots? The 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After stars have definitely had their fair share of ups and downs in the four years that they’ve been married, and even though they are defintiely still together, the couple still gets into fights over Pao’s modeling career. On a recent episode of the hit reality TV series, Pao invited Russ and her parents to sit on a sexy calendar photo shoot where she posed topless in only body paint, and Russ’ old insecurities came rushing back.

When Russ and her parents arrived at the photoshoot, she sat them down to explain to them what it was that she was going to be doing that day, which was a calendar shoot with a Colombian theme. For her part, Pao would be nearly nude wearing just denim cut-off shorts and a soccer jersey that would be painted onto her skin with body paint. When she aksed her father if he would be okay with her posing topless, he said that it was okay because it was “artistic.”

paola mayfield body paint

But, of course, Russ immediately said he wasn’t comfortable with it. He said that while he would still be there to support his wife, he was not 100 percent okay with her being nude and Pao’s dad tried to help Russ change his point of view. “I noticed that Russ is concerned,” Pao’s father said in his confessional. “He should withhold his support for such a minor moral transgression.”

Russ, who comes from a very conservative family, did not agree with Pao’s dad and he felt that since Pao is his wife, she should not be exposing herself in front of strangers. “The fact that Pao’s parents are here watching the photoshoot — it’s not making me feel any more comfortable because Pao’s parents and I have not always seen eye to eye on Pao’s modeling career,” Russ said in his confessional. “I do feel outnumbered here.”

paola mayfield calendar

But Pao did not let Russ’ concerns stop her from working the shoot, and she explained why she still decided to take the topless photos even though she knew her husband does not fully approve. “I really love taking sexy photos but my husband is not there yet, so yes I feel that sometimes he’s holding me back,” she said. “Right now I’m in the best time of my life. I feel sexier than ever, I feel confident.”

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