She's stuck in the middle of her best friend and her husband! Even though Season 3 of TLC's 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After started off on a sad note for couple Russ and Paola Mayfield, the drama is starting to heat back up thanks to Paola's best friend Juan. For some reason, Russ and Juan never really seemed to get along and the tension came to a boiling point during this week's episode, and it looks like things will get physical between them later this season. Keep scrolling below to find out more about Juan from 90 Day Fiancé.

How long have Pao and Juan been friends?

Juan and Paola have been friends for a long time, since before Pao and Russ met while he was working in Colombia. It seems like Juan never thought Pao and Russ' relationship would last — at one point he even suggested that Pao was only with Russ for a green card. So when he reconnected with Paola during her and Russ' recent visit to Colombia, he was shocked and upset when Pao revealed that she and Russ were taking the next step in their marriage and trying to get pregnant.

Why doesn't Juan like Russ?

It seems like Juan has a lot of reasons why he doesn't like Russ. He also thinks Russ is not the right person for Pao, and he flat-out told Russ to his face during a sit-down that was filmed during Season 5 of 90 Day Fiancé. Juan said that Russ has made Pao change and that she became "boring" after they got married. Juan also took his frustrations out by making slight digs at Russ, like calling him fat and criticizing him for being unemployed after he lost his job.

But now, Juan feels like Russ just doesn't like him (honestly, who could blame Russ?) and he thinks Russ is just trying to tear him and Pao apart. "Obviously, he wants to be the perfect person who never says anything negative," Juan said in his confessional. "But that’s what he wants, he wants to break up our friendship. He wants to end our relationship because he knows I’m going to be a problem for him. He’s an idiot."

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Are Pao and Juan still friends?

If you're judging by social media, it seems like the answer is yes because Pao still follows Juan on Instagram. But it's unclear if they are as close as they once were, because Pao has not shared photos of Juan since 2014.

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