A force to be reckoned with. Mary-Kate Olsen and her twin sister, Ashley Olsen, have built an empire over the years, making them some of the richest women in entertainment. After getting their big break on the 1990s sitcom Full House, the twins became child stars but eventually gravitated toward the fashion industry — and their matching net worth proves how successful they’ve become. Keep reading to find out the Olsen twins’ net worth! 

What Are the Olsen Twins’ Net Worth?

Per Celebrity Net Worth, both Mary-Kate and Ashley have an individual net worth of $250 million. Combined, the sisters are worth $500 million.

Back in 2007, the two also secured No. 11 on Forbes list of the wealthiest women in the business.

Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley
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How Do Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Make Their Money?

Even though they haven’t appeared on TV for quite some time, the Olsen twins are still raking in the dough via royalties from their shows and movies. On top of that, they have a myriad of fashion lines and several concession brands.

So, how much did they earn while playing sweet little Michelle on Full House? Well, they started earning around $2,400 an episode in the beginning, but after making a name for themselves, they were making $80,000 per episode, according to The Washington Post. They later even scored their own animated series Mary-Kate and Ashley in Action!

When the twins started dabbling into fashion, the established The Row in 2006 and began making more affordable lines like Olsenboye and StyleMint, which made it accessible to people all over the globe. They also created the popular collection, Elizabeth and James, named after their siblings.

Nowadays, their fashion empire is estimated at over a billion dollars.

Why Did Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Quit Acting?

Fans have wondered what inspired the sisters to make the transition after finding success acting. “We’ve been there, we’ve done that, we started out that way,”

Mary-Kate told British Vogue during a rare 2019 interview. “This is the way we chose to move forward in our lives: to not be in the spotlight, to really have something that speaks for itself.”

The duo made it clear that they prefer their new careers after they turned down the opportunity to reprise the role of Michelle in the Full House spinoff series, Fuller House, which premiered in 2016 and concluded in 2020. 

Did John Stamos Get the Olsen Twins Fired From ‘Full House’? 

Although neither Mary-Kate nor Ashley has spoken about the apparent incident, their former costar John Stamos claimed that he got them booted from Full House in the show’s early stages. 

While recalling what went down during an April 2023 appearance on Josh Peck’s “Good Guys” podcast, John explained how a diaper changing scene caused massive chaos on the set. 

“[Dave Coulier] and I were changing the baby,” Stamos began. “We’re carrying the baby downstairs, I think I was holding on to their armpits and Dave was holding her little feet. We take her into the kitchen and hosed her down, we put a fan on her, wrapped her up in paper towels. She was screaming. Both of them, they wanted to be anywhere else but there, and so did I. They were 11 months old, and God bless them, and they kept switching.”

Finally, the ER alum gave up and informed the crew that he couldn’t work with the Olsens. 

“I said, ‘This is not going to work, guys,’ and I screamed it 10 times. I said, ‘Get rid of them, I can’t work like this,’” John added. The production team then quickly “got rid of” the twins and hired “two red-headed kids,” whom John said “weren’t attractive” during his podcast appearance. 

Since he disliked the replacement actors, John remembered begging the crew to “bring the Olsens back,” adding that the other kids were “terrible.” 

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