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It is no secret that standing out in today’s society is growing increasingly challenging as competition and population are at an all-time high. But one individual has a solution to this. Oliver Pott shares his genius and practical methods to help up-and-coming entrepreneurs and business owners thrive. Read on to learn how you can too.

Are you having trouble attracting customers for your business? Does the concept seem impossible at times? If so, you are not alone.

Whether you are starting on your entrepreneurial journey or have been in the industry for a while, gaining and maintaining customers is one of the most important aspects when it comes to business. Without customers, the chances for a business to survive are depleted. Customers drive revenues and simply put; a business cannot exist without them.

Keeping up with consumer trends is a crucial part of sustaining any business. The ability to adapt and readapt to the ever-changing market will garner success in the short and long term. And now more than ever, customers care more about what a company stands for and its purpose versus a name brand.

But none of this is possible if your business is “invisible”. Today, more than 31 million small businesses exist and that number will only increase over time. Just as important if not more to operating a company in today’s world is standing out. But visibility can come with both advantages and disadvantages. Business mogul Dr. Oliver Pott knows all about the importance of positive visibility and can help you achieve this.

Referred to as one of the most successful Internet entrepreneurs in the German-speaking world, Oliver Pott is the business sensei. Since 1999, Pott has been a crucial part of European Internet technology businesses and founded three multi-million-dollar companies – one of them being Pott Holding Corporation. In his youth, he obtained a Ph.D. in Neurochemistry but shifted his focus to internet technology. He also co-owns a soccer team SC Paderborn 07.

On top of his many involvements, Pott holds the title of Professor in Paderborn and has been teaching business start-ups and internet marketing for 12 years. With his extensive experience and knowledge in the field, Pott wrote a book to help others navigate this tricky industry: ‘Visible! Attracting Customers in a distracted World’. His book is ranked on the Der Spiegel German bestsellers list and is soon to be released to bookstores everywhere.

“Marketing right now is huge, it’s loud, and it’s noisy,” Pott explains, and the gap he noticed was negative visibility versus positive visibility. This ties into consumer trends; people care about what a brand is doing versus how big they are and how much “noise” they are making in the market.

Oliver Pott

“It is not about how many eyeballs you want on your message. It is a question of reaching the right ones,” Pott continues, so not only do businesses need to market themself to the right audience, but they also need to do so authentically and purposely. Consumers place great importance on this aspect, and a global study revealed that consumers are four to six times more likely to interact with purpose-driven companies.

Our economy relies on visibility and for a customer, if your business is invisible, it will not succeed.

“The key to visibility in marketing is to be quiet but smart about it,” says Pott. What he refers to as “smart visibility” is marketing that is highly relevant to customers without flashy and outdated marketing methods.

“Entrepreneurs who have created smart visibility for their target group find new customers more easily, are more crisis-proof, and have an unbeatable edge over their competitors. They can scale their turnover and grow both quickly and sustainably.” Pott says.

As Pott claims, “loud is out,” and in keeping with consumer trends, quiet visibility is in.

To break it down even further, Pott compares loud visibility to an annoying party guest:

“A guest enters a room and he’s noisy, he’s loud and everybody is paying attention to him. He’s getting visibility, but it’s negative visibility. And on the other hand, there are quiet but charismatic people in the same room, and these people are getting positive visibility,” Pott shares.

Now, if you were to ask yourself which guest you would prefer to invest your time in, your answer would most likely be the quiet charismatic individual. Just like a business, consumers are more likely to engage with one that is charming versus obnoxious.

In Pott’s insightful book, he defines three components of smart, quiet visibility:


In marketing, selling products to a target audience that shares no interest or relevance will not work. “If you sell dog food to cat owners, no one will buy your product,” Pott compares, and in return, your business will not do well.

Finding a target market is the main part of any business plan. And starting with a niche group can help grow your consumer base to reach a wider audience.


Gaining authority for your business is extremely beneficial. The more credibility you have, the more trust you can build in consumers.

“If Tesla says, ‘look we’ve got a new cell battery chemistry’, everyone listens because in that industry Tesla is an authority,” says Pott. Become the best in your craft, build solid relationships, and prioritize your customers. The more trust you have the more authority you will gain.


“Don’t be boring,” Pott emphasizes, because “people don’t want to listen to boring storytelling.” You may be wondering, “how does storytelling have to do with business?” It has a lot more to do with it than many realize.

A poorly written book with a lackluster storyline line is not likely to fly off the shelves, let alone make it on in the first place. But a book with a beautiful cover, well-thought-out characters, and an exhilarating plot will be at the front of the store.

A business with a unique and captivating story behind its brand not only highlights its purpose but it appeals to consumers. In a distracted world, a unique business is sure to drive traffic and gain customers.

“It starts with visibility and if you are not visible, you simply don’t exist,” Pott underscores.

Man of the hour Pott is a game-changer for entrepreneurs everywhere. Need help growing your business’s reach and gaining the traction necessary for success? He’s got you covered.

Invest in your business and gain the attention it deserves. With Oliver Pott’s methods, success is a stone’s throw away. Get a free chapter of his book Visible! here.



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