She knows how to handle the haters. Nadya Suleman — sometimes crassly known as “Octomom” — clapped back at a troll who claimed in her Instagram comments that she made a post about her son and his Autism diagnosis about her instead of him. She introduced her followers to her “adolescent infant Aidan” and explained that he is “14 years old, severely autistic and total care.” She also wrote about the daily care he needs but added that he is “both a blessing and challenge in my life.” Although a lot of the responses were positive, one negative reply, in particular, made the 44-year-old fire back.

“For a post about your beautiful son you sure made it all about you,” the hater commented. Nadya firmly replied, “Sharing details about the inordinate responsibilities of MY LIFE, as a MOTHER, was intentional, judgmental one. Ironic coming from a fellow woman who primarily posts ‘selfies.’ Projection much?? I posted this lengthy description about how preoccupied I am (yes ME, I am a mother and mothers are IMPORTANT) with caring for my children and have minimal time for social media, which is irrelevant in the real world.”

The mother of 14 continued, “Additionally, this was a subtle way to set boundaries with far too many intrusive ‘neighbors’ in our community who relentlessly film my children, leave letters on our property violating my family’s boundaries, slash my vans tires and smash brake lights, which place all my children in danger. I live in fear for all of our safety and by sharing a glimpse of what my TRUE priorities are, I believe hate crimes committed onto ME, which negatively impact my family, will stop.

“I chose not to show too much of, nor disclose too much about my son Aidan as to protect him,” she added. “Unfortunately, it is apparent how the pretend ROLE I played many years ago, ‘Octomom,’ was imprinted in your mind, as it has in most haters.”

In 2009, Nadya gave birth to octuplets — six boys and two girls — conceived via in vitro fertilization. She already had six other children. Thankfully, most of the responses to her post were positive about her parenting skills. “I love everything about you. You are doing a great job being a mom to your children ❤️,” one fan wrote. Keep doing you, Nadya.

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