Nicole Kidman recently sparked concern from fans about her recent weight loss, but the Expats star made it clear she isn’t worried about outside opinions – about her life or her career as an actress.

“I don’t want to be a role model for anyone, I’m not interested in that,” Nicole, 56, ​told Vogue Australia in an interview published on Wednesday, January 24.

Nicole seemingly clapped back at those who “box” her in with “rules and expectations” for her as an artist and her acting career.

“I keep a lot of distance between me and what everyone thinks or wants or how I’m meant to behave,” the Big Little Lies star continued. “I try to keep a shield around me.”

Nicole added that she doesn’t “think the idea of having to fulfill an expectation feels good” and she actually finds the idea “frightening.”

The actress’ admission comes after a source exclusively revealed to In Touch in December 2023 that Nicole was “secretly struggling” behind closed doors despite the happy front she was putting on for the public. However, the insider revealed that Nicole’s weight loss was a result of her intense workload.

Several photos of Nicole on the red carpet from November and December 2023 showed off the actress’ frame which caused some fans to raise their eyebrows.

“Everyone wants to know what’s wrong with her. Even those close to her are concerned. The truth is, Nicole has been working herself ragged, and it’s taking a toll,” the source told In Touch.

“She’s been acting in projects nearly back-to-back while also doing advertisements and producing,” the insider continued. “She even just took on the job as a Balenciaga brand ambassador, as if she didn’t have enough on her plate.”

Nicole Kidman wearing a black dress at the 'Expats' premiere
Charly Triballeau / Getty Images

Plus, Nicole is a big fan of method acting and has even admitted herself that the preparation she has put into roles was “bats–t crazy.” When she finished filming for the HBO series The Undoing, the Eyes Wide Shut star confessed that the intensity of the job caused her to go “down for a week” because her immune system couldn’t tell “the difference between acting and truth.”

The insider also told In Touch that Nicole tended to “lose weight when she’s overworked,” but the star had some much-needed downtime during the 2023 holidays.

Though she is a pro when it comes to riding the wave of fame, the source additionally revealed that Nicole has constantly faced pressures from Hollywood to maintain a youthful appearance, something the Oscar winner has commented on in the past.

“In my early thirties, I was like, ‘Right, I think this is kind of going to be it,’” Nicole said in a February 2022 appearance on Variety’s podcast. “And then I had it again at 40. And so, I’ve run that gamut where you just go, ‘Now’s the time that I’m going to be put out to pasture.’”

But the Australian native added, “That’s the journey of life, isn’t it? And then suddenly going, ‘This has blossomed… or this has opened up, and now I have this chance to do something.’ So, it’s always been like this, and I know it will always be like that. I’m on the ride.”

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