Another day, another mysterious tweet from Nathan Griffith. Jenelle Evans’ ex-fiance went online on Oct. 12 to throw shade at… someone? And he hinted that a major legal showdown might be brewing. Watch the video below to see Nathan’s shady message.

As always, Teen Mom 2 fans have some theories about who Nathan is throwing shade at. Some speculated that what a recent episode of the hit MTV series showed Jenelle’s new husband David Eason “abusing” Kaiser, and that could be the root of the drama. “Would what he’s done to Kaiser violate David’s probation?” asked one tweet. “Does he have probation?” “This seems like it could be a major violation considering the child abuse issues he’s faced in the past,” said another. “Please please please let it be David.”

Still, some fans assume Nathan was taking aim at Jenelle, since that’s what he’s usually doing with these dramatic tweets. “Is it your baby momma?” asked a fan. “After the episode I just watched the save the date episode with Kaiser screaming feed me and her dumba– saying how hot she was, I hope so,” wrote another. It would make sense, because she accused him of neglecting their son just days earlier on Instagram.

Of course, there’s one more party that fans think it could be. “I HOPE it’s MTV for not protecting Kai or reporting it like they are mandated,” said a Twitter user. “Also hope it’s the wicked stepfather and his incubator mom.”

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I'm so glad to have you in my life. You want nothing but mommys attention all this time and it will never get old! Even tho some people may not give you the attention you deserve, I'm glad you have someone like David and our family to give you the love you need to grow up and show the same love to your own family some day. Never forget we will always be here for you when others may not be. I love you my precious little boy. 💋🙌🏻🎩

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Nathan is notorious for airing out his dirty laundry on Twitter and Instagram, especially when it comes to Jenelle and David. He’s questioned her parenting skills, David’s criminal past, and whether or not his child is safe with them. In August, he claimed that Kaiser got scared whenever someone says his stepdad’s name, and even claims that the child came home from visits with them with bruises.

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