Why did you tease us like that, Animal Planet? In 2017, the network ran three episodes of a show called Missouri Mountain Family, and left fans high and dry after they fell in love with the large family-focused clan living on a self-sustaining homestead in the hills. If you love Alaskan Bush People or The Duggars, you'll fall fast for the Missouri Mountain Family!

Who is on the Missouri Mountain Family cast?

Missouri Mountain Family featured the Haumessers, a 20-member family that lives and works on their own homestead on thousands of acres of untouched forest. They include seven hardworking brothers, one sister, four spouses, six small children, and a loving mother. Phillip Haumesser, the third-oldest brother who is also a talented photographer, lead the charge to have a TV show.

"We always joked around about how we should have a reality show created about us and the crazy way we were living and the things we were doing on the homestead," writes Phillip on his website. "Strangely enough, out of a series of odd and bizarre events, we had a production company discover us and was interested in trying to do a reality show. We filmed a couple of sizzles that would then be sent out to networks to see if any of them would be interested in picking us up. Ultimately we got picked up by Animal Planet. The first three episodes of our show were filmed, unfortunately, the tests didn’t go very well, so it got put on hold until later. It would be another two years before they finally aired."

Phillip's wife Natasha is also featured on the show, and he revealed that he proposed to her after just two weeks of knowing her. "We discovered very quickly that we both were very interested in the same things. We both wanted kids, we believed the same way, we wanted to live on a farm and we wanted to homeschool because we wanted to spend every moment of time with our kids. We only knew each other for two weeks before I asked her to marry me. I was afraid it was too soon and I would scare her away, but to my surprise, she said yes!"

Where is Missouri Mountain Family filmed?

The Haumesser homestead is located somewhere on Missouri Mountain, which is located in the Collegiate Peaks of the Sawatch Range of the Rocky Mountains. Phillip describes it as "200 acres out in the middle of nowhere! The land was overgrown and worthless. We moved out there and lived in Campers and tents for the first two years." The family came to enjoy this way of life, and when they needed to build a home, they decided to live off the land as much as possible. "We bought a small band sawmill and began cutting down trees and milling them into lumber," he explained. "We built foundations out of the stone in the area and started building houses and outbuildings and a wood shop out of the lumber we were cutting. We made everything by hand and from scratch."

When will Missouri Mountain Family come back?

Sadly, it might not. Fans keep going to Phillip's Facebook page to request a second season, but so far he has nothing to report. "There are no plans to continue the show at this time," he wrote, however, he has considered starting a YouTube show to keep his passionate fans updated! "I've thought about that, but it couldn't be associated with the show because AP owns the rights." We hope he does it, because we need MORE!

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