Well, well, well, looks who’s breaking the rules now! Jinger Duggar had solidified herself as our fave Duggar for being the first bold youngin’ to go against her mom Michelle Duggar’s rules to wear pants. But it looks like she started a trend, because Jill Duggar hopped on the pants-wagon, if you will, and now Michelle herself has even traded her modest skirts for the controversial garment! Watch the video below to see Michelle wearing pants!

The pants-wearing actually happened a few months ago when Michelle and Jim Bob were vacationing in Hawaii, but the patriarch of the family just uploaded the photo on Dec. 1. Of course, after the parents enforced strict rules on their kids for decades, fans thought it was kind of messed up for Michelle to wear pants. “Is that pants on Michelle!?” asked a fan, while another teased, saying “Careful there Michelle.. you’re showing off a lot of leg!”

However, even though she’s wearing something she doesn’t usually wear, the outfit isn’t exactly appropriate for the occasion. The Duggars are at the beach, after all, so even though pants are usually forbidden, it’s still a far cry from actual swimwear! “I wish they would wear normal bathing attire,” said a naysayer. “Those clothes are just going to be hot and heavy and miserable.” True that.

Of course, others thought it was offensive that Michelle was in these big clothes while Jim Bob got to wear normal swim trunks. Meanwhile, others “appreciate the modesty” and thought it was sweet that the duo still “makes time for their marriage.” Hey, we’ll take it as a step in the right direction!

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