It’s the must have look of the season that’s a regular feature on every social platform. The no-makeup makeup look — a dewy skin, “I woke up looking like this” look. It looks like no makeup is involved, but it really requires a bit of makeup and some effort to get that effortless look. Luckily we’re here to share how you can get that filter like finish with a few simple steps and products that your skin will love.

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Here are here four steps to looking your healthiest, most beautiful, rested version of yourself.

Smooth Skin

The hottest must-have tool for many celebrity estheticians and makeup artists is the dermaplaner. And for good reason. They exfoliate, remove facial hair and dead skin, leaving you with improved skin texture for smoother makeup application. One to try: Japonesque’s Complexion Perfection Dermaplaners. The single blade gets ultra close to skin for optimal exfoliation while increasing the skin’s ability to absorb serums, moisturizers and other skin care products. Available at Target or


A Natural Brow

Groomed vs unruly is the key here. Keep brows somewhat bushy just trimming excessively longer hairs and removing only those stray hairs that fall way outside your arch. Use sharp tools that give you precise results like Japonesque’s Luxe Slant Tweezer,  available at Target and


and Japonesque’s Pro Performance Beauty Scissors, available at Target and


Bright Eyes

The key to fresh, awake eyes is curling lashes. For that, use the Pro Performance Eyelash Curler. The soft arch and versatile ergonomic handle makes it great for any eye shape. Available at Target and



It’s the rare individual that has absolutely flawless skin. But with a great concealer, hydrating foundation and quality makeup tools, just about anyone can look fresh and glowing. Great makeup brushes are essential to getting the right effect. Japonesque’s line of makeup brushes are a makeup artist’s staple. Every brush is crafted for a specific technique and the hand-cut fibers ensure streak-free application every time. Available at Target or



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