True love isn’t dead!!!!! Infamous teacher-turned-criminal Mary Kay LeTourneau has given everyone who has a super-twisted understanding of “love” and “marriage” new hope when she revealed that she hopes to reconcile with her estranged husband Vili Fualaau. The revelation comes courtesy of new court documents, obtained by The Blast, in which the 55-year-old stated that she “believes in reconciliation, is reconciling, and reconciliation.” The court documents comes in response to papers filed by her student-turned-baby-daddy, who filed for legal separation earlier this year.

Despite Mary Kay’s desire to reconcile, it would appear that Vili has no intentions of changing his plans. The 34-year-old's lawyer told The Blast, “My client is moving forward with the separation.”

As In Touch previously reported, the two were separated legally — but had no plans to divorce — because of his business. He was hoping to become a licensed distributer of “Cigaweed” marijuana cigarettes, but was unable to move forward with his business plans because of his wife’s criminal background (she was infamously convicted of two counts of second-degree child rape because of their relationship, which began when she was Vili’s middle school teacher). He insisted that his decision to file had nothing to do with their relationship. He said of his marriage, “It’s a piece of paper that doesn’t say much.”

When he filed the paperwork, he cryptically told Radar, “It’s not as sserous as people think it is… Maybe we’re sleeping in different rooms. The paperwork that is filed doesn’t have all that information. If you really want to know what happens, wait one year from now and see if the paperwork is still filed.”

Well, if this is just to get his business moving, we have a feeling Mary Kay isn’t too amused! So they may just end up in different beds after all…

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