Congrats! Married at First Sight season 1 star Jamie Otis is pregnant and expecting her third child with her husband, Doug Hehner.

Jamie, 37, and Doug, 40, shared the happy news via their YouTube channel, Hanging with the Hehners, on Monday, February 19. “Not sure if my eyes are playing tricks on me,” Jamie said as she held up a positive pregnancy test. “I am pregnant.”

In another scene, the season 1 couple shared their reaction in a confessional-style interview. “I’m honestly very much in shock still. Like I don’t know if I believe that it’s real, we haven’t had a doctor’s appointment yet,” Jamie told the camera. Meanwhile, Doug added, “When you go through some losses, whether you’re a dad or mom, you re-live those moments and you don’t want to think about it, but you prepare.”

The reality TV couple, who were set up by experts on the series’ first experiment based in New York, are already parents to daughter Henley Grace, 6, and son Hendrix Douglas, 3

The Lifetime alums’ marriage famously started off on a rough note following Jamie’s clear lack of attraction toward her new husband at the altar. However, the MAFS duo have defied the odds and are approaching ten years of marriage.

“On the night of my wedding, I was certain I had just married the wrong guy. Being the very first to be Married at First Sight, we were told we were ‘just making a mockery of marriage,’” the expectant mama shared in the caption of an August 2022 photo. “But I still thank God we were all wrong about the future of my marriage … all of us except my hubby, he always knew.”

In his own post, Doug revealed he never felt “threatened” or “disrespected” after seeing Jamie’s unattraction to him at their wedding. “In my mind, it’s the absolute reason why we made it, and stayed together,” he shared in October 2022. “It let me know that she wasn’t going to fake her feelings for the camera. It gave us room to grow, it allowed us to surprise each other, it allowed us to generate a crush on each other, and eventually want each other.”

The pair have had their fair share of adventures since tying the knot and recently made Florida their home after spending a summer traveling in an RV. While Jamie and Doug were transparent in their initial plans to live in the home on wheels full time, “Once we got in the RV, we realized that it wasn’t set up in a way that was suitable for us,” the social media influencer explained to her followers in an Instagram Story in January 2022.

‘Married at First Sight’s Jamie Pregnant, Baby No. 3 With Doug
Courtesy of Jamie Otis/Instagram

In the past, the couple has also opened up about their dreams of growing their family following the loss of their son, Jonathon, whom the couple lost to a miscarriage in August 2016. “We want to have at least two more children of our own,” the Lifetime alum exclusively told In Touch in May 2020. “With our past, I would love to be able to start trying ASAP so if we need any help we can get it.”

However, Jamie and Doug have also been candid about the bumpy patches in their marriage — including the times they considered divorce.

“I think our priorities sort of shifted,” Doug explained on the pair’s YouTube channel, Hanging with the Hehners, in October 2021. “When you don’t put your marriage and husband and wife stuff as a priority — that starts to create some distance.”

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