Maybe this is why it's a bad idea to get married to someone without even meeting them. Fan-favorite Married at First Sight couple Jaclyn Schwartzberg and Ryan Buckley reportedly broke up, according to People. The pair has been married for 10 months, and it's apparently just not working out. “Jaclyn and Ryan have divorced as of this month,” a source close to the reality star duo said. “They remain friends and are grateful for everything they’ve learned while being married to a stranger.”

Fans are actually not shocked by the news, especially since the show's premise is about getting married to perfect stranger. "Wow, shocker," said one fan, while another agreed it was the "worst kept secret ever." "Jaclyn is much better without Ryan," insisted a fan. "He wouldn’t shut up, never listened to her, and wasn’t willing to compromise and understand you have to change some when you marry. When you marry you cant party all the time buddy!!"

Still, this couple seemed like they had the best shot after they decided to stay together on the show's finale. At the time, Jaclyn was worried about the future because she and Ryan were still often at each other's throats. Ryan agreed that their arguments were still a problem, but he didn't want to let the relationship end. He convinced Jac to stick with it when he explained how much he had learned about fighting with a spouse during the past several weeks — that it's not all about winning or losing.

The pair had an instant connection from the start, and they originally decided they wanted to make it work. They were the only ones to consummate their marriage, and also had a lot in common, both coming from the Boston area where the show was filmed. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to make the marriage last. Our hearts go out to the duo in this very tough time.

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