With three little boys running around, it’s bound to get messy! Kailyn Lowry shared some adorable moments from a day at home with her sons on July 17, and it showed the real, silly, and sometimes chaotic side of being a mom. It all started when the Teen Mom 2 star’s youngest boy Lux Russell managed to get into the cereal cabinet!

“Lux… Russell!” shouts Kail upon finding her baby sitting in a pile of Lucky Charms. As he notices her, he dumps the remaining marshmellows on the ground, much to his big brother’s dismay. “What did you do?” hollers 4-year-old Lincoln. “All of them!?” It sounds like his breakfast plans might have gotten a little screwed up.

lux russell

But the “fun” didn’t stop there. Kail also showed her curious little boy messing around with the vacuum and climbing under his big brother like he’s a bridge. Lincoln also demanded that Kail sit still so he could use her leg to support his blanket fort.

We love getting these little behind-the-scenes off-camera glimpses of Kail’s life with her boys, and it’s always fun to see them hanging out, playing around, and getting a little goofy together.


Kail has always been honest that being a single mom isn’t exactly a walk in the park, but she loves it nonetheless. Especially with Lux, who has the most hilarious little ‘tude. “My son could be minding his business, playing & crawling around. But the second I wanna go pee he’s screaming & booking it to the bathroom,” she once joked on Twitter. We live for the raw moments!

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