Fans remember Lupe Donovan from her episode of My 600-Lb Life, which documents the journeys of morbidly obese patients through weight loss surgery. Now one year after the surgery, she’s lost 300 pounds — and her before and after photos are super impressive!

It’s clear that Lupe has lost a significant amount of weight and the transformation in her face looks more defined after her weight loss surgery. But, like most patients who lose hundreds of pounds, she’s left with loose skin and must continue working towards her weight loss goals in order to be approved for skin removal surgery — which is hard to do since she’s become bedridden.

lupe 'my 600-lb life' before and after facebook

“The biggest setback for me in the last few months has been my hip pain that keeps me in bed,” she revealed in a clip from the show.

Her husband, Gilbert Donovan, tried to help her sit up in bed, stand up with her walker, and exercise — but her health definitely has taken a toll on their marriage. Even though he tried to be a good, supportive husband, viewers could see the breakdown in communication between the couple during her follow-up episode. That seemed to be the beginning of the end for the couple. Back in May, Lupe posted a marriage update on her personal Facebook page, saying “I’m in San Antonio with my hubby rekindling our marriage.” She explained that they have been together for ten years and both of them realized it would be a shame to throw it away.

lupe 'my 600-lb life' 2017 facebook

She went on to clear up some of the things that maybe have been misconstrued during her episode — like Gilbert using a social networking app to connect with other women. She said that he wasn’t cheating but he was using the site behind her back, which is why she was upset. She credited their faith in helping them find their way back to each other. “We been through a lot but we truly love each other and with GOD in the middle of our marriage and us staying strong, we will conquer it all,” Lupe wrote.

Unfortunately, her husband confirmed on Sept. 24 that they had decided to end their relationship, but that there was no bad blood. “Wats on my mind I’m officially single. Lupe and I are best friends for life for right now praying for a turn around stay tuned!” he wrote. He also said that she has a new “homey” as of Oct. 26, but she has yet to confirm, and has made her Facebook private.

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