Bye bye, long locks. Jeremy Roloff might chop off his hair for charity, according to a post his twin shared to social media. Zach Roloff posted on Instagram on Dec. 11 about a campaign he’s given money to, and apparently, they’re working together to get Little People, Big World fans to cough up the dough. That’s one way to get those donations!

Zach wrote on Instagram, “Hey guys @jeremyroloff is running a campaign to raise money for people in need of drinking water! Please consider trading one cup of coffee this Christmas season and donate $5 (or more 😉 to this campaign!” That’s certainly an admirable cause to take part in. He then added, “I’ve chipped in and it only takes a few minutes. Oh yes! And if he reaches his goal he’s cutting his hair!” Jeremy’s really got to stick to that promise now that the whole world knows! Zach continued by adding a link to the campaign, which he included in his bio as well presumably so it can reach the most donors possible.

Some people in the comments were all for the change in hairstyle; one person even wrote, “Anything to get rid of that ugly mess of hair.” Harsh! another person added, “Raise that $ and cut that hair@jeremyroloff.” But others weren’t so sure about the possible change, because apparently, there are a lot of fans of Jeremy’s long hair out there! “How about if we donate he WONT cut his hair lol,” one person responded. Another said, “Now no ones gonna donate cause no one wants him to cut his hair! He has AMAZING hair!”

Hopefully, everyone who reads the post will recognize what a great cause Zach and Jeremy are supporting, even if some people will mourn the loss of Jeremy’s current ‘do. And anyway, hair grows back right? He can just wait a little while and the twins can do this all over again soon enough. Anything to help such a worthy philanthropic effort!

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