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See What the Cast of ‘Lost’ Is up to Today!

Sept. 22 will mark a huge television milestone: On that day, it will officially be 14 years since Lost first premiered, and found itself making TV history as one of the best television dramas of all time. In the years since the show debuted, there hasn’t been another series that has captivated fans — keeping them thinking and guessing every step of the way — quite like Lost.

While the show’s super successful (and super attractive) stars have since gotten off the island, there’s no denying that the show made a significant impact on viewers and made history every step of the way — from the critically acclaimed pilot, to the much-disputed finale, which aired in May 2010. “I hope it’s remembered for the experience that hpapened in the six days in between the airings of the episodes,” showrunner Damon Lindelof explained when asked about the show’s legacy.

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He continued, “As a TV viewer, for so long I had been feeling, with the exception of some of the things that were happening on cable like The Sopranos, that there weren’t any water cooler shows that gave the feeling of, ‘I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next.’ … It was about that level of anticipation. I understand that Christmas morning is really important. But I’m a Christmas Eve guy. The level of excitement that I felt as a kid, that sense of anticipation and excitement, I just feel like it’s so hard to generate that feeling in people… The other thing I remember so fondly is that feeling that you were a part of something. The feeling that you were a part of this community of people who were watching the show and arguing about this show and theorizing about this show and just the intense speculation about the mythology. The passion in people’s voices when they would talk about the show. I think that the show was so full of life for so long and that’s what I would wish is to just kind of remember that level of excitement that people experienced as they were watching the show.”

Well, it’s safe to say — when it comes to the anticipation between episodes, and the obsessive and methodological evaluation into each and every plot — there’s no show that compares to Lost, leaving its legacy well in-tact even so many years after it went off the air. While there’s nothing that can fill the island-sized hole left by Lost in our hearts, we’ll always be curious what the show’s stars are up to in the current day. Scroll through the gallery to find out!

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