Things are getting heated on the new season of Little Women: Dallas!

The new season of the beloved Lifetime reality show returns tonight, April 12 — and In Touch has exclusively scored a sneak peek at all the drama!

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In the preview of tonight’s episode, things get super dramatic when Asta confronts Emily about stealing her “minibar” idea while they are celebrating Asta’s birthday. In the confessional, Asta laments, “I thought I could trust Emily — but clearly I can’t. This just goes to show that is not a good friend.”

While at Asta’s birthday, there are several insults thrown Emily’s way — people telling her that all she knows about bars is “twerking on a f–king bar,” but she doesn’t back down, saying she doesn’t need to know how to work at a bar in order to own one.

She continuously reminds Asta that she didn’t steal her concept — Asta came to her as an investor.

“I don’t really understand what the big deal is, you guys came to me with an investment idea — and you guys are not a good investment,” Em tells Asta at her birthday. “I have my money, I can have my money and do with it what I please with it.”

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In a confession, she adds, “I don’t need Asta coming at me with this tantrum just because she missed out on an opportunity handed to her. In business, there’s winners and losers, right now, I’m the winner.”

Things escalate to the next level when Asta raises a hand to Emily — and Emily reciprocates by throwing food at the birthday girl.

It looks like there were will be plenty of drama on this season of Little Women: Dallasbe sure to tune in every Wednesday at 10 p.m. on Lifetime for new episodes, and check out the sneak peek below!

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