She’s finally getting her happily ever after!

On Little Women: Atlanta, we’ve watched along as Tiffany “Monie” Cashette found love with her man, Morlin. We rooted for them during every up and down that they experienced.

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And tomorrow, we’re all invited to their wedding — as they will star with their own special, appropriately titled, Monie Gets Married! Ahead of the big day, in an exclusively interview with In Touch, Monie opens up about what she loves most about the man she is lucky enough to call her husband!

monie wedding
LaJoy Cox

“More and more, I see he genuinely loves me. And being a little person, that’s hard,” she tells the magazine through tears.

“We all go through that — trying to find someone who genuinely loves you, not looking at you, or your height, or your size, or your uniqueness — he really loves my heart. So that’s something I really appreciate about him, because I feel like that can help us go far. A lot of times, I was loved for the wrong reasons by a person, and it was messed up in other areas because after that uniqueness faded away to them — or I guess it got old to them — everything else about me was old, and I was cheated in certain way. So that’s what I appreciate about Morlin.”

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So sweet!

While the couple has definitely had problems — most infamously when she misplaced her engagement ring — today, the husband and wife are doing better than ever, and she says the ring incident was a definite “eye opener.”

“We’re better than ever,” she gushes. “And now I appreciate everything he does. I did take a lot of stuff for granted before… I just appreciate things he does more and more.”

We’re so happy for them!

Be sure to catch Monie Gets Married tomorrow night at 10 p.m. on Lifetime!

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