New hair, who dis? Little People, Big World star Tori Roloff took to Instagram on Sunday, April 28, to reveal her son, Jackson, got his very first haircut.

“My not-so-little man got his first haircut,” the 27-year-old wrote on her Story alongside a crying emoji. The next snap was a family affair and included Zach Roloff and their talented stylist. “Thank you for making us look good!” Tori added. “Also. Clearly, J and I don’t know where to look.”

LOL. They grow up so fast!

Jackson Roloff First Haircut
Courtesy of Tori Roloff/Instagram

Tori gave birth to Jackson, whom she lovingly calls “Baby J,” in May 2017 and hasn’t been shy about showing him off on social media. She’s so open, in fact, that she’s often been the target of mom-shaming. Finally, on December 15, 2018, she addressed her haters head-on.

“Lately, I have been getting a lot of negative comments and feedback on my social media. I don’t usually take things to heart because I know I can’t please everyone, but I had to bring this up. Mom-shaming is a real thing and it’s not cool. I get it all the time because I put my tactics out there and I try to be as honest about my life as possible. But for some reason, I’ve been getting a lot of people bashing my momisms or how I do things in my home. I don’t want my social media to go there. This is a place where I like to be as positive as possible.”

She continued, “There’s a lot going on in my life right now personally, and I like to use my social media to brighten others’ day, but unfortunately, there have been days that I feel it’s doing no good. I’m only saying this because I feel like people need to hear it. My life is far from perfect. I know that and I’m okay with that. But when moms and sisters and friends and whoever start shaming each other for what they do with their kids, that’s where I draw my line. We’re all doing the best we can and that’s all we can do. I love my son and my family unbearably and I do what I think is best for them. So please be kind to each other. There are people behind your screens, and you never know what a person is walking through.” You tell ’em, mama!

So … is baby No. 2 on the horizon? Er, not yet! In October 2018, the mother-of-one shot down the rumors. “No I’m not pregnant,” Tor wrote on Instagram at the time. “Yes, I love baggy clothes and food. What if I was a woman who couldn’t get pregnant? What if I was a woman who had body image issues? Asking a woman if she’s pregnant can be extremely damaging. Luckily, I know when I get asked these questions it’s coming from a place of love.”

In other words? Back off, y’all. Oh, and J’s haircut is on point!

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