Grab the popcorn because it's about to go down! Actress Leah Remini has made it her mission to expose the truth about Scientology, and now she's calling out another one of the church's most famous celebrity members — Elisabeth Moss.

Four days after the Mad Men alum — who was raised in the controversial faith — reportedly walked out on Leah's victory speech at the Television Critics Association Awards, Leah said, "I don’t hold anything against Elisabeth Moss — other than she's continuing to support a group that is abusive and destroying families."

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Leah — who won Outstanding Achievement in Reality Programming for her successful show Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath — is actually the one being penalized in the situation, though. "Elisabeth’s being hailed as a true hero" by the church for walking out on Leah, Scientology expert Tony Ortega told In Touch exclusively, noting that her "rising star power" makes her especially valuable to the church. "It’s ironic because Scientology says that through communication, anything is possible. Yet when Scientologists are confronted with something they don’t want to hear, they run and hide," Tony added.

Still, the stage is set for yet another dramatic showdown at the Sept. 17 Emmy Awards, where both actresses are nominated: Leah, 47, for her docu-series, and Elisabeth, 35, for her role in The Handmaid’s Tale. "Elisabeth believes that I’m an antisocial personality because I’ve spoken out against Scientology," Leah said, noting that the church discourages members from associating with its detractors. "So she isn’t allowed to talk to me." But Leah will most certainly speak her mind again at the big event, and Tony added that Elisabeth isn’t likely to call a truce: "That would be impossible. Leah is public enemy No. 1 of the church at the moment."

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