Lauren Sánchez has seemingly clapped back at celebrity restaurateur Keith McNally after he called the former entertainment reporter “absolutely revolting.”

The media personality, 54, took to her Instagram Stories on Tuesday, April 16, to share two cryptic messages that appeared to be a response to Keith, 72, although she did not directly name the British nightclub owner.

First, Lauren shared a photo of a quote posted on a concrete wall. “People will love you. People will hate you. And none of it will have anything to do with you,” the message read.

The former Fox 11 News at 10 anchor followed up her initial Story post with a quote from fashion designer Rachel Zoe that read, “Lead with kindness, cheer for those you love. Just honestly wish everyone the best.”

Lauren’s cryptic messages about both kindness and hate came one day after Keith took to his own Instagram to share his brutal opinion on the licensed pilot. The Balthazar owner shared a carousel of photos of Lauren and fiancé Jeff Bezos at several high profile events, including the 2024 Vanity Fair Oscars Party.

“Does anybody else find Jeff Bezos’ New wife – Lauren Sanchez – ABSOLUTELY REVOLTING?” Keith wrote in the caption. “What an ugly and f–king SMUG – LOOKING couple they make. Is this what having 1000 Billion dollars does to people?”

While several of Keith’s followers agreed with him, many fans and friends including Chrissy Teigen stood up for Lauren in the comments.

Lauren Sanchez Seemingly Claps Back at Restauranteur

“She’s actually incredibly dynamic, accomplished and kind, and everyone who knows her would say the same,” the Cravings author, 38, wrote.

MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle commented, “No. I think she’s accomplished, kind, smart and loved. Social media is fun, but this is not. It is just mean for no reason. If we all took a breath and thought about what it feels like to be mocked and teased, we’d do a lot less of it.”

Political strategist Ana Navarro also came to Lauren’s defense, writing, “If you find Lauren Sanchez ‘revolting,’ why spend the time and go through the trouble of looking up and posting 8 pictures of her? Seems rather counterintuitive. I think if I had her body and money, I’d strut around in a fig leaf and two [coconut emoji] shells and wouldn’t give a damn what anybody thought.”

Keith has come under fire for his behavior on social media a few other times in the past, including a controversial moment in January when he defended Woody Allen after the director’s adopted daughter Dylan Farrow accused him of sexually assaulting her.

“If I don’t come out of this alive I’d like to say a big F–K OFF right now to everybody on Instagram who criticized me for supporting the INNOCENT Woody Allen,” Keith wrote on Instagram alongside photos of himself in the hospital before he headed into surgery to remove a kidney stone.

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