Knock knock! Who's there? It's Lamar Odom with an unwanted Mother's Day surprise! Khloé Kardashian is dealing with a lot right now between being a new mom and dealing with the fallout from Tristan Thompson's cheating scandal, but it's about to get a whole lot more complicated. Her ex husband is seriously considering planning a trip to Cleveland to make her first Mother's Day special. Only problem? She's currently trying to work things out with her baby daddy!

"It will be Khloé’s first Mother’s Day and Lamar’s debating going to Cleveland," an insider tells In Touch exclusively. "He wants to see her. Hold her. Comfort her and tell her she’s worth more and deserves more than Tristan. He wants to take her shopping and have a spa day like they used to do in LA. She’s gone through hell and wants to uplift her spirits, especially on Mother’s Day."

We can only imagine how Khloé (or worse, Tristan) would react to something like that, and Lamar is worried too. "He’s nervous," said the source. "He doesn’t want to come off like a stalker or startle her like he did at SoulCycle in LA. But at the same time, he knows Khloé likes to see a man put in effort and fight for her love. And he’s willing to do just that."

The gesture is certainly romantic, but it's also too little too late. They are divorced, after all, and Khloé really wants to fix things with Tristan, and even marry him! Meanwhile, Lamar has been hoping and praying that she'll finally dump the cheater. He's already dipped his toes into the water by sending True Thompson a little Lakers jersey with his name and number on the back. Perhaps Khloé liked that, which gave him hope that a visit is a good idea? All we know is we don't want anything else to add to KoKo's stress, she's got enough on her plate.

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