Late last week, news broke that Kylie Jenner was reportedly pregnant with boyfriend Travis Scott’s baby. Although she — or any member of the Kardashian clan — has yet to confirm the news, sources close to the family revealed that she’s due in January or February.

Now, eagle-eyed viewers of Life Of Kylie have, like, realized that the lip kit mogul actually hinted at the possibility of kids months ago. Her fans have been doing their own DIY investigative work since the announcement and came to the conclusion that on episode four of the show, Kylie dropped some bombs. The 20-year-old revealed she felt “lost” and wanted to go live on a farm and said, “I don’t know what I would have done if someone had told me at nine years old how famous all of us would have been. I live normal on an every day basis, but can I go out and do normal things? Not really. Everything in my life is really great and I wouldn’t trade my life for anything, but I do get lost. Like, what do I really want? What I really want is to live on a farm and have chickens and raise animals and have a family.” Mind = blown.

She also added that she wanted to have “responsibility” and for her kids to grow up with horses. She continued, “One day I just want to move to a farm and live the farm life. I want to wake up and get my eggs from my chickens and ride my horses. No paparazzi. The farm for me represents privacy and the way I want to raise a family. It just seems peaceful and I want my kids to grow up on horses and for me to have responsibility and garden. That would be a dream and I would love to do that.”

kylie jenner pregnant splash

According to TMZ, the 20-year-old has been telling friends that she’s expecting her first child, adding that Travis has told friends it’s a girl. Adding fuel to the speculation is that she’s been keeping a low profile — she was noticeably absent from New York Fashion Week and skipped out on her family’s interview with Megyn Kelly. Additionally, she’s been posting old pics to her Instagram.

The pregnancy news comes less than a month after friends of Kylie’s revealed to OK! that she allegedly wasn’t drinking at a recent birthday party — maybe because she’s underage?! — and that she also hasn’t been going out as much. In fact, her own birthday party was supposed to be super low-key. “Kylie kept to herself with the excuse that she was focused on her new makeup line,” sources told the mag. “But we all think she’s staying out of the spotlight until she’s ready to share her news. She’s been keeping low-key for months now, and everyone thinks she’s pregnant.” Only time will tell!

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