It’s only been a little less than two weeks since Kylie Jenner finally let the world know she’s now a mom to baby girl Stormi Webster. And while we’re sure the 20-year-old is busy adjusting to that new mom life, we’re actually out here wondering is she even, you know, being a truly active mom? Changing diapers, waking up at two in the morning to feed the little one… Of course, she did keep her entire pregnancy a secret, so we’re thinking the Mom version of Kylie has a lot of potential here. But she recently posted a confusing video to her Snapchat that has us thinking her life hasn’t really changed all that much now that she has a newborn — and it all comes down to her nails.

The beauty guru took to Snapchat to commemorate Valentine’s Day and showed off her festive red manicure because nothing says “let’s celebrate the day of love” like a fresh coat of polish. OK, so yeah, she’s still taking time to pamper herself — nothing wrong with that. But her fake AF nails are legit still claws, looking miles long.

kylie jenner nails

And while that nail length has never been rather practical for any human to have a functioning life, it’s extremely unnecessary for someone who has just welcomed her first baby. How is she ever going to give lil Stormi a bath, put her in a fly outfit that costs way more than the average person’s closet, or change a dirty diaper? We’re not sure how familiar Kylie is with the whole messy diapers situation, but considering she has quite a few nieces and nephews, she should’ve come in contact with a diaper by now. Good luck not scratching poor Stormi with those nails… We think it’s probably time to tone it done a bit so she doesn’t end up going all Wolverine on her baby. She had the last nine months to still rock the claws, which we all know she did, so might just be the time to let it go.

Maybe the long red claws are perhaps proof of something else: Kylie isn’t actually doing all that hands-on mom stuff. She might just have a lot of help, like a nanny, a nurse, and her own momma Kris Jenner, on hand — and you know her bestie Jordyn Woods isn’t just sitting around letting the baby look like a mess. So while Kylie is back to posting her elaborate manicures and posing around her house and in her cars like old times, it’s pretty clear she has every intention of not adopting that Soccer Mom persona quite yet. Glam King Kylie lives on, at least when it comes to her public persona. We just hope she stands next to the nanny who does change Stormi’s diapers so she can at least pass a baby wipe or something. Stormi deserves that.

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