So, Kylie Jenner took the world by storm when she announced that she named her newborn daughter Stormi. While we’re still unclear as to how she and baby daddy Travis Scott came up with the moniker, people all over Twitter have one theory: they named her after Stormy Daniels, the porn star who told In Touch in 2006 that she had an affair with Donald Trump!

“Really, they named her Stormi? Um, hadn’t the news about Trump paying off the porn star, Stormy Daniels, come to light yet?” one Twitter user wrote. Another added, “I like the name Stormi but considering 45's prostitute's name is Stormy Daniels, I would have stayed away from it.” Another simply said, “Cannot get Stormy Daniels stigma off that name. Ewww.”

But, a source close to Kylie previously revealed she’s had the name picked out for some time now. So, in actuality, she probably didn't even know who Stormy Daniels was when she chose the moniker. Fans have been theorizing about what the young couple would be naming their little girl, and many suspected it would have to do with butterflies. Travis and Kylie have matching butterfly tattoos because butterflies are a special symbol to the couple, likely a reference to Travis’ song “Butterfly Effect.”

"The baby’s name will be butterfly or monarch, just a theory,"  one fan wrote. Another said it might be "Mariposa, butterfly in Spanish." Kylie also has a lip kit named Posie, so some fans suspected that would be her nickname. People also thought the butterfly necklace Kylie wore in the announcement video was a hint. Well, it’s safe to say we would’ve never thought she’d name the baby Stormi!

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