The Lord’s got jokes! Kim Kardashian supported Scott Disick as he pursued an interest in improv, and got to see his NSFW comedic chops at work. In a sneak peek from the upcoming season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the duo stopped by the famous improv theater, The Groundlings, in Los Angeles where Scott really showed off his skills.

In the clip, Scott, 36, and Kim, 39, waited outside the theater to enter the improv class, and heard the warmups from the hall. “People are getting serious,” Scott said. “No, this is not my thing,” Kim told him.

Once inside, they joined the rest of the class on stage — and Kim immediately made sure everyone knew she wasn’t interested in performing. “So let me start by saying I’m very shy. We’re here for Scott,” she told the group. The instructor explained that they were going to start with some warmups and Kim agreed to participate. But when the second warmup started making its way around the circle, Kim decided she had enough.

“I’ll sit and support now,” she said as she walked off the side of the stage and sat in the audience.

Once the warmups were done, the instructor told one of her classmates that they were going to start an exercise called “Expert Panel,” and Scott would be the first to perform. “We’re going to give you something that you’re supposedly major experts on,” the instructor explained. “We’re going to try and pick things you don’t know anything about. Just make it up and be as specific as you can.”

The instructor chose the topic, which was the invention of the first shoe. “You got this, I believe in you,” Kim told Scott as he walked up onto the stage.

Scott’s partner introduced him as her husband, who is the inventor of the first shoe. “Thank you, everybody. Appreciate you having us here. It’s funny, I notice all of you are wearing exactly what I invented a very, very, very, very long time ago. And it was difficult, very manly, as you can notice, my hands still didn’t get hurt because you were nice enough to lick the wounds every night,” Scott told his improv partner.

“Like the business, I grew the shoe into a sneaker,” Scott continued. “I mean, it’s amazing. I mean, when I tried the first wooden shoe on, I was a little splintery,” the partner continued.

“Well, that’s when you said you were dying for my wood, but I said, ‘We’ve got to move forward!’” he joked, which earned a round of applause from his peers.

Kim also approved and gave her own review. “It was amazing and very sexual,” she said with a laugh.

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