There’s no shortage of reports about the rift between King Charles III and Prince Harry, but a new tell-all suggests the relationship between the monarch and heir-to-the-throne Prince William is nearly as bad. “Charles may be the next king, but William is ‘the future,’” UK journalist Omid Scobie writes in Endgame. “This brewing power struggle between the favored prince and the unpopular king is Shakespearean — a familial tug-of-war waged both on stage and off that has the potential to unravel the monarchial tapestry.”

An insider confirms the prickly standoff between father and son. “Charles feels that William undermines him whenever he gets a chance, while William thinks his father is too old-fashioned,” the insider exclusively tells In Touch. “Though they’re very good at hiding their emotions in public, the tension between them is palpable — and behind palace doors, their discussions can get very heated.”

Monarch Manipulation

Scobie’s Endgame alleges that William, 41, sees Charles, 75, as “transitional” and “is slowly trying to separate himself from his father. His popularity is high, and he doesn’t want his father’s lack of it to affect that.”

The Prince of Wales (who is described as “hot-headed”) aims to modernize the monarchy, claims Scobie, and doesn’t always have confidence his dad will do the right thing … particularly when it comes to issues of racism and misogyny. Scobie suggests William was especially displeased with Charles’ response to 63-year-old brother Prince Andrew’s entanglement in the Jeffrey Epstein scandal.

For his part, the king has grown frustrated with Harry and William’s media dominance — so much so that he’s been “known to turn a blind eye while aides leak details about his sons to the press,” writes Scobie, adding that wife Queen Camilla, 76, was “also guilty of the same practices during her long-running campaign to rehabilitate her own image.”

One anecdote alleges that Charles reveled in the fact that William and wife Princess Kate, 41, received bad press for the optics of their 2022 Caribbean tour — where they were met with protesters calling out the palace’s history of colonization and enslavement. But then His Royal Highness was said to be enraged when royal aides told reporters the trip offered a “blueprint” for William’s reign, bypassing Charles’ tenure entirely.

About the only thing William and Charles can agree on is their annoyance with Harry, 39, says the insider: “They’re in a private war of one-upmanship and won’t ever see eye-to-eye on much else.

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