Even Kim Kardashian isn’t immune to Zoom blunders while on a conference call. While using the video chat app to chat with a Georgetown University college class as a guest speaker, she found herself still chasing after her kids. A student in the “The Forgotten Humanity of Prisoners” course exclusively tells In Touch the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star’s visit was a surprise — but at one point during the talk, she had to deal with a surprise of her own.

“Right when she joined the call, one of her daughters ran out to the pool,” the student reveals. Kim, 39, had to quickly “grab her,” but thankfully she managed to wrangle the Kardashian kid before any damage was done. “I’m not sure which [daughter it was], but she wasn’t drowning,” the student says. “Kim was gone for, like, a split second, and it was all good.”

Other than that, the Zoom call went off without a hitch. “Kim came in to talk to us about her passion for criminal justice and how she realized her interest in criminal law and prison reform specifically. It was a really amazing experience to get to speak one on one with her about this shared passion,” the student says. Professor Marc Howard, who leads the class about “humanizing incarcerated human beings,” has worked with the reality star before — and he will even be featured in her documentary, The Justice Project, which airs Sunday, April 5. Her interest in criminal justice reform made her the perfect celebrity guest.

“Kim is exactly what you’d imagine her to be like, but she really is intelligent and well-spoken especially when it comes to issues of criminal justice and the work that needs to be done to reform this broken system,” the student continues. “Our professor didn’t tell us she was joining the call, so when she joined, we were all SO surprised. She works with Marc, and he has done a lot to set up visits for her to the DC jail where he teaches our class.” Before the current coronavirus outbreak led to the course being taught online, class was held at the jail itself. Only half of the students attended the university — the other half was made up by incarcerated students inside the jail.

It sounds like the Georgetown class got a real treat — and Kim learned a thing or two about video chat mishaps.

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