Looks like Kim Kardashian isn’t the only one living a new, low-key lifestyle!

North West — who has apparently already mastered the art of relatability — decided to celebrate her fourth birthday at Chuck E. Cheese’s. And someone managed to forget to invite us…again.

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It’s too bad, really, because we had so great ideas for gifts for the pint-sized superstar — a larger Frozen suitcase to ride on now that she’s such a big girl; a lint roller for her extensive collection of all-black clothing; an extra nanny to hang out with her brother, since we know there’s nothing she hates more than — ugh — having to share attention!

All these brilliant ideas wasted because she couldn’t even shoot us a text to let us know that she was hanging out Where a Kid Can Be a Kid.

Honestly, the whole thing seems so off-brand that we can’t help but wonder if Kris Jenner is the evil mastermind behind all of it. Was this whole party a sneaky ploy for publicity? Were the adorable Snapchat pics of Northie posing with her cake actually sponsored content? Will you tip off the FTC about this blatant disregard of #SponCon, or should we? Was North at least paid in tokens to the arcade? Does Kris get 10 percent of every slice of pizza?

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If this was some masterplan to give Chuck E. Cheese’s some much-needed publicity, consider your plan successful, Kris.

Not only are we writing about Chuck E. Cheese’s — when we know someone of North’s pedigree would never willing have a party at a place with germy kids and animatronic rodents when there are black-tie galas to attend — but people are totally eating it up!

We’re onto you Kris… And let’s just say if we don’t get an invite to next year’s party, we’re definitely whistleblowing!

Meanwhile, Northie, if you’re being forced to attend and host sponsored parties against your will, try your best to wink once… And Chuck — same goes for you!

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