Sorry, did we hear that right? Because reports are saying that Kim Kardashian and her controversial husband Kanye West are trying to work through their marital issues with *checks notes* nude therapy sessions. Yep, apparently the couple is baring it all so that they can be emotionally bare with each other as they confront their problems. The UK mag Heat World claims that Kim is a big proponent of this type of therapy, and considering how much the reality star loves to get naked and show off her body on social media, it’s not particularly shocking.

“It was Kim’s idea,” a Kardashian insider told Heat. “She made the point that they’ve always communicated better when their clothes are off… As ridiculous as it sounds, they both agree that being naked loosens their inhibitions and puts them on the same level.”

And it definitely does sound ridiculous. We’re trying to imagine having such serious conversations while being totally in the buff but also in a professional setting. Like, isn’t the therapist that’s sitting in the room with them pretty weirded out? Or do they also get naked? (Would that be weirder or less weird, though, is the real question.) But apparently it’s not all that awkward, and the insider maintains that their therapist is “pretty relaxed about it all,” so good for them. “[They figure] that if it helps Kim and Kanye express themselves, then why not?”

Regardless, the unorthodox technique seems to be working for Kimye. And it only took a little convincing for the mom of three to get her husband on board. “Most people would have laughed her out of the room, but Kanye agreed to give it a try, especially now he’s lost a bit of weight and is more in tune with his body,” the source continued. It helps that they start in robes first, and then, uh, disrobe as the session goes on. “[They’re] letting it all hang out while they go through the events of the week and where they’re at relationship-wise.”

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