Good morning to everyone but Tristan Thompson. Yep — the internet is going IN on Khloé Kardashian‘s cheatin’ baby daddy and there’s no sign of the savagery letting up anytime soon. The Cleveland Cavaliers player posted an innocent Instagram photo — from his latest GQ photo shoot — and fans of the Keeping Up With the Kardashians reality TV star are using it as a space let let out their frustration over what he did to KoKo.

From outrageous “I hope…” comments to the downright rude and unimaginable, #TeamKhloé fans are making sure they have the new mama’s back in the wake of Tristan’s cheating scandal. The ill-wishes started pouring in a few days ago when news broke that Tristan has been caught making out and acting innapropriately with as many as five women ever since Khloé announced she was pregnant with their child. Since the scandal broke, 33-year-old Khlo gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Keep reading to see the most scathing insults fans have tossed Tristan’s way on Instagram.

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“I hope you get little cuts in your fingers every time you eat crabs and the seasoning gets inside em making it sting,” one commentor wrote. “I hope every time you walk by any piece of furniture, you stub your toe on it,” another wrote.

“I hope you are too tired and just fall asleep with your feet not under the covers and ghosts come to attack your leg and you,” one user commented. “I hope you step on a Lego,” another wrote.

“I hope you go get a tattoo saying ‘No Regrets’ and instead they write ‘No Regerts’!” one commentor wrote. “I hope you miss your flight all the time,” another added. An in a direct hit to Tristan’s career as an NBA player, another fan commented, “I hope you break your legs and you won’t be able to walk or play anymore.” We have to admit, most of these are likely Kris Jenner-approved.

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