Nothing gets people more riled up than when the Duggars wear, ahem, strange attire! While many of the reality star family members have been opting for pants these days, 19-year-old Kendra Caldwell is sticking to her conservative roots. Joseph Duggar‘s pregnant new wife took to the slopes wearing a winter coat and a skirt, and people are confused AF. Watch the video below for the pic — and to see what people had to say!

Yet this wasn’t the only problem fans had with the photo. Earlier this month, Kenny (can we make this nickname stick?) announced she and her hubby were expecting baby No. 1, so many felt like she shouldn’t be snow tubing.

“Kendra um aren’t you pregnant? Not very wise,” said one salty fan, while another threw shade writing, “I guess some people just prefer to be more cautious and some more reckless.” Another judgy mom added, “I would just not risk getting an injury to myself or my baby if it wasn’t a must. I’m sure there are safer activities she can do while she’s pregnant that are fun and less risky. She can flip on the tube or hit a bump or tree. I just don’t it’s the best idea.”

Of course, plenty of people came to Kendra’s defense, too. “Why why why is it any of your business? Believe it or not, women are allowed to have lives while pregnant. I highly doubt she would do anything to endanger her baby. Kerri Walsh-Jennings was pregnant during the Olympics and she had a very healthy pregnancy. #SoRude,” said one of the clapbacks. “She’s so early pregnant that there is no danger to her baby at all… as @amyrachelleking said… I’m also confident she’s an adult who understands the risks.” You do you, girlfriend!

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