Watch out! Kathy Griffin is coming for blood — and she has Andy Cohen in her crosshairs. In recent days, the controversial comedian has tweeted that the Bravo exec and Watch What Happens Live host “treated me like a dog” and was “deeply misogynistic” over the decade he was a Bravo exec overseeing her Emmy winning reality show, My Life on the D-List. In a 17-minute video she posted on YouTube, she called him “a miserable boss” who “wanted to be me.” And in the same clip, she made a far more serious allegation: “Right before we went live,” she said of her appearances on WWHL, “Andy Cohen privately asked me in an office if I wanted to do blow.”

Her shocking cocaine claim has put Andy in a precarious position. “Kathy saying Andy offered her drugs before she was a guest on his show is reason enough for him to be fired,” if it were proven to be true, notes an insider. “She’s messing with his livelihood.” Andy has strongly denied it, calling Kathy’s story “100 percent false and totally made up,” but he’s still deeply unsettled. “Andy is a nervous wreck," says the insider, noting Andy fears others holding a grudge could feel emboldened to come forward with claims about his behavior in an effort to bring him down. “Andy’s fully aware that his bosses do not take employee misconduct or allegations lightly,” says the insider. “He’s pissed at Kathy.”

Kathy’s outburst came after a TMZ cameraman asked Andy, 49, on Oct. 26 about replacing Kathy as Anderson Cooper’s New Year’s Eve coverage co-host on CNN. “I don’t know her,” he repeatedly quipped. Kathy, 57, was not amused. She’d been fired from the gig in May after she posted a pic of her holding what resembled President Donald Trump’s severed head and was condemned for it by now-ex pal Anderson, 50. She recently lashed out at Anderson, calling him “spineless,” and also attacked tabloid website TMZ boss Harvey Levin, 67, in her YouTube vid, releasing his phone number and blaming his site (which she called “deeply misogynistic,” too) for fueling the Trump controversy. “People like [Harvey and Andy],” says Kathy, “honestly just live to take women down.”

Now she’s trying to take Andy down. If Kathy’s claims were proven, “Bravo [would] have to fire Andy,” Macias PR firm crisis expert Mark Macias, a former TV exec, tells Life & Style. “TV personalities typically have moral clauses in their contracts that allow the networks to fire them for any behavior that harms their brand.” Publicly, Bravo is supporting Andy. Kathy’s claim “is completely false and we are not going to credit it with any more attention,” a network spokesperson said. Privately, Andy’s planning to fight back. “He’s gathering everything he has on Kathy, and he says he has plenty,” says the insider. “For Andy, it’s personal now.”

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