Here’s the thing about the Met Gala: It’s not your typical red carpet event. Looking pretty in your outfit isn’t enough to land you on any best-dressed lists. And once again, it seems Karlie Kloss failed to learn that lesson. For the 2019 Costume Institute’s spring show, the theme was Camp: Notes on Fashion, but the model showed up looking more classic glam than costume couture. Over the years, she hasn’t had the best track record of showing up dressed-to-theme, and when she does pay homage to the evening’s exhibition, it’s usually in a simple, understated way. This year, it was more of the same — and fashion fans are sick of it.

On Twitter, the star got dragged for her gold minidress from Dapper Dan, despite pairing it with over-the-top black, puffy sleeves. “Karlie Kloss mistook the #MetaGala for TGI Friday’s after prom,” snarked one amateur critic. Another wrote, “Karlie Kloss … What is this???? This is beyond boring.” One Twitter user called her the “most vanilla person in the whole entire world,” while others got even more vicious: “A moment of silence for Karlie Kloss. She ain’t dead, but her fashion is.”

“She should’ve stayed at home,” condemned a Twitter user as another added, “Karlie Kloss really spent $35,000 for that Met Gala ticket just to pull up in that lame ass outfit. I’m tired.” They simply couldn’t believe that she hadn’t put the work in — especially considering the fact that she works in the fashion industry, not just as a model, but also as a host of a fashion competition show. “Karlie Kloss is the host of Project Runway and is literally paid to send people home for bad fashion looks, and yet has the audacity to show up like this,” complained a viewer.

The backlash was real — and so were the burns. “If you wanted to go to the Grammys, you should’ve just gone to the Grammys,” wrote a Twitter user. One fan called her dress “a bit of fabric from her local craft store and some deflated buoyancy aids.” And when viewers at home found out that she’d had a wardrobe malfunction before stepping out onto the carpet, they didn’t hold back even a little bit: “Even Karlie Kloss’ dress knew this outfit was a mistake.”

We’d say that our hearts go out to the model in the wake of this scathing criticism, but we’re too busy laughing at all of the hysterical tweets. Besides, this one fan has us covered: “Thoughts and prayers go out to Karlie Kloss and this tragedy today.”

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