Nicknames are a weird thing, aren't they? Sometimes they come from an obvious place, and other times they make no f—ing sense. For example, Kailyn Lowry's youngest son is named Lux. It's a very short name, and yet her song Lincoln and friend Bone Estrada both call him "JJ," which takes longer to say, and seemingly has no relation to his actual name. That's probably why fans are going crazy trying to figure out why they call him that!

Here are some of the most hilarious fan theories as to why Lux is called JJ: "I wondered if maybe Bone called him that for Javi Jr," said one fan on reddit. Lux, of course, isn't Javi Marroquin's child, but Chris Lopez's. Though perhaps if she did call him that, it would be to get a dig in at Chris, who reportedly cheated on Kail. "JJ as in 'just joking' I really didn't mean to name you Lux?" teased another.

It seems that it didn't really stand for anything, just that Lincoln, Kail's 4-year-old son with Javi, simply liked it and Bone agreed. "JJ and Climber were the names Linoln wanted for him," a fan recalled from an older episode of Teen Mom 2. Apparently Bone was also a fan. Two months after Kail gave birth, Bone posted a photo holding Lux while looking angry with the caption, "When you wait a million years for Kail to name her son and you find out she picked Lux #JJ4Life."

Lux is almost nine months old, and Bone still calls him by the bizarre nickname. "JJs favorite show is Supernatural He’s definitely team dean lmaooo," she tweeted on May 27. And back in February she wrote, "Aunt Bubbles ? loves you. #jayge ???????????." Looks like this nick name isn't going anywhere!

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