This tea is hot! Kailyn Lowry refused to stand by idly after hearing what Briana DeJesus‘ mom, Roxanne, said about her on last night’s episode of Teen Mom 2. The drama started when Javi Marroquin said his relationship with Bri doesn’t have anything to do with her mom and Roxanne basically explained that he wouldn’t understand their family dynamic, because his former flame Kailyn didn’t have a mother around. 

Kailyn was definitely rubbed the wrong way by Roxanne’s remarks, and she took to Twitter to vent her frustrations. “F–k that, don’t f–king talk about me not having a mother. Wtf is wrong w y’all?!” she wrote. “Roxanne was extremely disrespectful to throw the fact Kailyn Lowry’s mom wasn’t in her life,” one fan tweeted and Kailyn responded: “THANK YOU.” The 26-year-old reality star also let the world know how incredibly proud she was of her accomplishments.

“Don’t have a mom or a dad, but I have three beautiful kids, a bachelors degree, 3x publisher author, nytimes best selling author. Man kiss my a-s,” Kailyn added. Some fans were on Roxanne’s side, claiming she was taken out of context. “She didn’t mean it like that, she meant she has someone else to defend her.” However, another fan retorted: “I think we all understand where she was coming from and the point she was trying to make, but it still doesnt make it right. Kailyn has nothing to do with it and shouldn’t of been brought up.”

Kailyn might have been caught in the middle, because Roxanne and Javi haven’t been getting along. Briana’s mom questioned his intentions on the show. “I think you’re an OK guy,” Roxanne began. “I think you’re sneaky and I think you methodically plan things out. Why [did] you come in so fast? Why the proposal when you should have waited? Why say you’re going to be deployed and you’re not deployed? Which I get it, s–t happens, but you have been dragging that deployment since Kailyn two seasons ago.” It looks like this feud isn’t over yet!

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