Everybody feels insecure sometimes, and that’s especially easy when everyone is constantly watching you and tearing you apart. Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry was feeling especially vulnerable on Jan. 29, after paparazzi snapped some photos of her on the beach in Miami. While we think she looks great, especially for someone that gave birth less than six months ago, she was frustrated that people were judging her body.

“Out of 10 years on TV I’m having the hardest time NOW,” she wrote on Twitter. “The pressure of outsiders, the criticism, the judgment. Sure I put myself out there. But never in my life have I seen or felt cruelty like I have lately.” Kail was willing to admit that haters come with the territory of being famous, “but it seems to get worse over time. Not better. Sometimes I’m numb to it. Sometimes i don’t read it. Sometimes it doesn’t bother me. But sometimes it does. And today it does.”

It turns out that Kail grapples with a lot of the same fitness struggles most women do. “I can read and write books, study for a test and pass, teach my kids manners,” she continued. “But I can’t tell myself to pick a f–king salad over a burger and then wonder why I struggle in the gym. Hate myself for it. Then come online and hear it from everyone else too. Paparazzi f–ked my own head up after they sold the pix of me on the beach ??????.”

kailyn lowry, splash

Kailyn recently told fans that she had scheduled a liposuction appointment, and then decided in the last moment that she wanted to buckle down and lose the weight the healthy way, and now she feels like she’s being punished for it. “I didn’t go through with my surgeries in Miami so let’s sell unflattering pix of Kail at the beach so everyone can see her fat and cellulite to make her regret canceling,” she wrote. “Ok, I’m done crying about it.” Don’t let them get you down, girl!

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