To say that Justin Bieber pissed off a lot of people yesterday when he cancelled the remaining 14 dates on his world tour is an understatement. After performing more than 150 shows across six continents, the 23-year-old decided he had enough. Luckily, while the rest of the world is cursing his decision — posted in a statement on Facebook, nonetheless — the Biebs received some unlikely support from another fellow singer, John Mayer! The 39-year-old took to Twitter to defend the star— find out what he had to say in the video below:

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Just hours after Justin dropped the bombshell, he was spotted soaking up the sun on the beach in Santa Monica, TMZ reported. When asked why he pulled out with so few shows left after touring for nearly two years, he replied, “Just resting, getting some relaxation. We’re gonna ride some bikes.” … Oh.

Yet while Justin sleeps on the beach in California, Beliebers are LIVID. One fan commented on Facebook, “Are you serious? Can we have a reason why at least? Finally after nearly 10 years of dedication in this fandom, I was able to buy myself floor seats to see Justin Bieber and now a month before the concert there’s A FACEBOOK post about cancelling it. A Facebook post. With no explanation or reason. I love you Justin, but this is extremely disappointing.” Another added, “I spent over $1,200 in tickets for you to cancel five days before the performance. Complete BS. Not your first time doing this either. It’s part of your job as an entertainer. My girlfriend has been talking about this every day for over six months and for her to read this and be so upset is heartbreaking for me. I’m very disappointed.”

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justin bieber cancels tour

Others, however, are actually taking his side. “He’s a human being, not some kind of robot. And you can’t just assume what it’s like for him and what he goes through daily.” Another chimed in, “Well done Justin!! You need to rest up!! Crazy how many shows you’ve done across the world. I don’t know the reason, but i can only imagine that it was the right thing to do for yourself.” Fortunately, fans will be reimbursed, and if nothing else, at least three people support him.

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