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The ‘Born With Albinism’ Kids Are Full of Personality: Meet Jon and Liz Grabowski’s Adorable Children

Jon and Liz Grabowski and their kids are capturing hearts everywhere after appearing in TLC’s new special Born With Albinism.

The couple share two biological children, Mika and Alex, in addition to five adopted children from China (four have Albinism). Cameras followed the family’s day-to-day lives and detailed some of the challenges they face due to the genetic disorder, which often causes skin, hair and eyes to have little or no color.

So, how did the Grabowski family come to be? “We met at college,” Jon shared about how he and Liz fell in love in a joint confessional. “We were good friends for about eight months and then we officially started dating and then married a year later,” she chimed in. “The rest is history!”

After they tried their luck at having a baby girl, Liz and Jon looked into the world of adoption and to their surprise, they were matched with Lily. They weren’t considering children with Albinism at first but felt an undeniable connection to her.

She had “light hair, pale skin and blue eyes,” Liz said about the referral notice they got, noting she and Jon were very excited to meet Lily. “We switched gears within moments. We were responding yes! yes! yes! Immediately we fell in love.”

Mae was the second child to be adopted by the pair and the only child without Albinism. After Mae came Nathaniel, and then Liz thought they were officially “done” adopting kids … until they met Kaelyn. And just when it seemed their brood was full, Emily was adopted by the duo, rounding out their beautiful family.

Liz and Jon discussed the rare condition four of their children have during the special and how it also comes with vision issues in many cases. 

“Most people are familiar with the term Albino, but what they don’t realize is that term can be offensive,” the mom of seven added. “It’s best to just say that person has Albinism.”

Scroll through the photo gallery below to meet their family!

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