Jon and Liz Grabowski are the stars of TLC’s new special Born With Albinism, which is all about the couple’s lives with their five adopted children from China. 

The special premiered on the network on Tuesday, May 18, allowing viewers to learn about how Jon and Liz met in college, started dating after eight months and got married before deciding to expand their brood. Aside from their adoptive children (four of which have Albinism), Jon and Liz also share two biological children, who are now adults. 

Born With Albinism

In case you don’t know much about Albinism, it is a “rare group of genetic disorders that cause the skin, hair, or eyes to have little or no color,” according to Healthline

During the special, Liz talked about their adoption journey and said she was pleasantly surprised when a cute little girl with platinum hair showed up in her inbox as an optional match. 

“We named her Lily, and immediately we fell in love,” the mom of seven said. Liz and Jon later welcomed Mae, Nathaniel, Kaelyn and Emily into the family, noting they “never ever” planned on adopting five children, but “here we are!” 

Mae does not have Albinism like her siblings, but she does deal with challenges due to extensive brachial plexus nerve damage in her arm. Their adopted children struggle with visual impairment and Kaelyn also has an intellectual disability, but they always find ways to stay empowered and positive. “We are privileged to have front row seats to see her grow and change,” Liz said of Kaelyn. 

Born With Albinism

Liz detailed even more about their brood in a story for the book Love What Matters. “Life with four children with Albinism has been quite the adventure,” she penned. “They play lego, draw, read, swim, and participate in activities just like any other child. We stick out in a crowd and draw attention almost anywhere we go. Most interactions with people are positive. They seem to be genuine in their interest of our kids and are polite. There are occasions, though, when the pointing, stares, and whispered comments are invasive and annoying.”

Liz said she and Jon always strive to be the parents “our children need,” admitting they “fail often” but always find ways to redeem themselves. She added, “By the grace of God, we rise in the morning and have the opportunity to try again.”

Born With Albinism is available to watch on TLC.

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