Talk about a Halloween treat! Since marrying her husband Jeremy Vuolo, Jinger Duggar has been known to violate the Duggars’ strict rules of modesty when it comes to dressing. But the 23-year-old Duggar girl took her rebellion to the next level when she posed in a significantly shorter skirt and high heels on Instagram! Check out the video below to see her “racy” ensemble!

Jinger has long been considered the most rebellious of the Duggar children. As her first anniversary quickly approaches, many have pointed out that the fact that she doesn’t have any children could mean she’s on birth control — something strictly prohibited in the Duggars’ faith. She’s also long abandoned their modest attire, which includes women covering most of their figures past their elbows and knees.

In the past, the Duggars have been open about why they dress more conservatively. “We do not dress modestly because we are ashamed of the body God has given us; quite the contrary. We realize that our body is a special gift from God and that He intends for it to be shared only with our future husband,” Jinger wrote in the book, Growing Up Duggar, which she co-authored with her sisters. “We avoid low-cut, cleavage-showing, gaping, or bare-shouldered tops; and when needed, we were an undershirt. We try to make it a habit to always cover the top of our shirt with our hand when we bend over. We don’t want to play the peek-a-boo game with our neckline.”

Looks like Jinger has already forgotten all about the rules… Way to do your own thing, Jinger!

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