It's only been like five minutes since Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo announced they're expecting a baby of their own, but Duggar family fans are already coming up with plenty of theories about what exactly they're expecting. And they're basing pretty much all of their ideas on a pic the couple shared on Instagram. Updating her followers about her baby bump, Jinger wrote that, at 15 weeks along, her baby "is the size of an apple." But eagle-eyed viewers in the /r/CountingOn subreddit noted that it looked like the word "baby" had been erased and rewritten a bunch of times. What does that mean? Well, they've got a few ideas.

Jinger Duggar might be having twins.

"The fact that 'baby' looks like its been erased and rewritten several times makes me think they were… going to make a twin joke," wrote one fan. To be honest, we can't help but think there's a chance that there's some truth to that. After all, there are two sets of twins in Jinger's family. She's got her older siblings, Jana and John-David Duggar, and her younger siblings, Jedidiah and Jeremiah Duggar. None of her siblings have had twins yet, but that doesn't mean that multiples are out of the question for the Vuolos. And having two tiny tots would be pretty adorable for our favorite Duggar couple. Think they'd move home if they had one more baby than they planned for so that they could rely on mama Michelle Duggar for help? Or, hey, maybe they'd just fly Jana out since she's both an expert on twins and raising all her younger siblings.

Jinger and Jeremy might know the baby's sex.

At 15 weeks, doctors may already be able to tell the sex of JinJer's baby. Sex is usually determined between 16-20 weeks, but some expectant mothers report finding out during an earlier ultrasound. And if the couple does know, they might have briefly considered sharing that information with their fans. Though Josh and Anna Duggar waited longer to share the sex of their baby, they did share that they were having a boy before he was born. There's a small chance Jinger and Jeremy thought about making that announcement early — and then changed their minds.

Baby Vuolo might already have a name.

"Baby Vuolo" is how Jinger referred to her growing child in her Instagram caption, but if there's a chance she knows the baby's sex, there's also a chance that she and Jeremy have already picked out a name. It's also possible (but seems a little less likely) that they like a gender neutral name and didn't even have to wait for the sex to start thinking of ideas. One of the other Duggar daughters, Jill, announced the name of her second son about a month before he was born. Again, it'd be pretty early for the Vuolos to do the same — but maybe the chalkboard was erased and rewritten so many times because they're still juggling and experimenting with name ideas after all.

Not all fans are ready to buy into these theories. Some are more ready to dismiss the writing, erasing, and rewriting as just trying to make the perfect sign. "It's probably just the school of the dinner table's cursive education," wrote one, joking about Jinger's penmanship not being good enough since she learned it at home rather than at a traditional school. Another fan agreed, writing, "She was probably just redoing it a bunch trying to make it look cute." But either way, it's definitely fun to speculate — and we can't wait to get the announcement for real.

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