Not another food faux pas! Jill Duggar is getting grilled by fans because of her new butterscotch brownies recipe which happens to be missing a ~key~ ingredient. The former Counting On star posted a photo of her dessert via Instagram on August 27 and it didn’t take fans long to notice that she didn’t add any butterscotch into the mix.

“These are my mom’s favorite brownies, and one of her favorite desserts,” Jill, 28, wrote in her latest blog post. The TLC alum also broke down the process for her followers, revealing the recipe called for two cups sucanat, four tablespoons of water, some light olive oil, two eggs, two teaspoons of vanilla, nearly two cups of flour, as well as some baking powder and salt.

After seeing the recipe, several fans asked about *one* ingredient in particular. “Where is the butterscotch flavor???” a commenter wondered.

Jill Duggar Selfie Smiling In Kitchen With A Batch of Brownies In A Pan
Courtesy of Jill Duggar/Instagram

“Butterscotch is made from brown sugar and butter so those ingredients are what gives it that taste, I’m sure,” another responded, before a third explained, “Except there is literally no butter in this recipe. And brown sugar is an alternate ingredient.” Clearly, the recipe sparked a debate!

“Another ridiculous post,” a fourth person wrote. “Look up a recipe for ‘Blondies’ and you’ll get lots of options. Jill should do the same. She thinks she can just declare these things ‘butterscotch brownies’?!?!?!?”

Meanwhile, other fans were more focused on Jill’s last Instagram post involving food … for an entirely different reason. The mother of two recently shared a series of snaps on her Stories, where she admitted that she let her son Israel chew gum that he dropped into and pulled out of her hair.

“These are so good! Also why is your child eating gum from your hair? Ew,” one fan commented on Jill’s brownie photo. While the reality star did have several people throwing shade at her in the comments, there were some that rushed to her defense. “Instead of saying something mean, there is an unfollow button,” one suggested. Well, there you have it!

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