Gasp! Are things getting secular over in Jill Duggar‘s household? The former Counting On star loves to recommend books to her fans, but a new story featured on her Instagram account isn’t as Christian as the rest. While spending some time with her older son, Israel, the mom-of-two and her son had a little reading time and worked on a new art project. It was the book that caught our attention, though. While most of the books that Jill reads her little ones seem to have specific messages, this one seems to just be a bit of fun.

In the past, Jill has featured books like A Fruitful Spirit, which teaches kids about the Holy Spirit helping to build character, and The Story of Me, which addresses kid’s questions about people’s bodies through a Christian lens. But her latest post features a secular children’s book about a platypus throwing a birthday celebration for his favorite stuffed animal. While it might have its own sort of feel-good message, it seems free of any of the teaching moments the Duggar daughter’s reads usually focus on. “We read one of our favorite books Platypus and the Birthday Party, then we had to make #paperchains 😊,” Jill captioned the Instagram pic of Izzy’s art project and the book.

Surprisingly, though, it actually isn’t the first non-Christian book to grace Jill’s page. She’s promoted plenty of products on her social media accounts, and one of them is a book series called The Tuttle Twins. The books teach different lessons about individual rights, entrepreneurship, economics, limited government, and personal responsibility. But instead of being written by a Christian author, they’re actually penned by a Mormon one.

It doesn’t seem like the books tackle religion all that much, but fans were still surprised to see it. “The author of these books is Mormon,” one follower wrote in the comments. “Some of the ideas in the books may not agree with your family’s religious beliefs.” Their political views don’t seem to totally align either, but it’s definitely interesting to see Jill branching out little by little. What’s next — reading Harry Potter to the kids?! Okay, okay, let’s not get too crazy, but we’ll definitely be curious to see what else is on the family’s bookshelves in the future.

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